• All players must be registered with their team in accordance with Hockey Alberta. Registration cards or team registration forms must be presented if requested by any official.  Failure to do so may result in team disqualification.  Teams may add players from their affiliate teams with the disciplinary committee’s approval.  For any violation of this rule, the offending team will be suspended from play in the tournament and all entry fees will be forfeited.
  • Gaming rules are those of CAHA as modified by the Chase Brewster Memorial Tournament Committee (CBMTC). We will follow Alberta Minor Hockey Provincial Championship Suspension Guidelines.  All decisions of the Chase Brewster Memorial Tournament Committee are final.
  • All teams will play four games. The games will be two hours consisting of three, twenty minute stop-time periods with breaks between periods.  Flooding will be after every two periods of play.  Clock stopped for maximum of ten minutes for injuries.  The CBMTC reserves the right to alter all breaks and flooding.
  • During any game if there are five minutes of ice time left, but more than five minutes of game time showing on the clock, the time clock will be dropped to two minutes. No games will exceed the two hour allotted time.  There will be no overtime play in “pool” play.
  • Game sheets will be prepared fifteen minutes before game time and verified by team officials.
  • Warm-up will be five minutes. If a team is not able to start within ten minutes of scheduled start time they will forfeit the game with a score of 2-0.  Forfeiture will be reviewed by the CBMT disciplinary committee to ensure no advantages were gained by the forfeiting team.

All Referee’s decisions are final. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE of abuse of any official!!  The offending individual will be asked to leave the ice area immediately or cause his/her team to forfeit the game.  If it happens a second time, the individual will be asked to leave for the remainder of the tournament or risk his/her team forfeiting the tournament.

  • Penalty: any player or coach assessed a “gross misconduct” or fighting major will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.  A Red Deer Minor Hockey Commission referee’s report will be filled out and the offending party will be reported to his/her local Minor Hockey Association.
  • In the event that the score in the third period of any game, except the final games, has a difference of five goals, with ten minutes or less remaining, the clock will revert to running time.  Should the lead fall back to less than five goal difference, the clock will revert back to stop time.
  • In the event of a dispute on the interpretation of the rules, the CBMT disciplinary committee ruling is final and binding.
  • In the event of a protest, a bond of $200 cash will accompany the protest. The protest must be made within thirty minutes of the games end.  A written account must be submitted within an hour of game’s end.  The CBMT disciplinary committee ruling is final and binding. The bond will be refunded if the protest is upheld; forfeited if lost.  Protest of referee’s decisions will not be allowed.  
  • Coaches and managers are responsible for their team’s conduct on and off the ice – this includes players and spectators. Please be respectful and show good sportsmanship.  Committee Members will be present at all games and if behavior is inappropriate in the stands
  • or foul language is used, the spectator will be asked to leave the ice area immediately or the associated team will forfeit the game. ZERO TOLERANCE for inappropriate behavior!!
  • Be respectful of our facility – if any vandalism or damage occurs to our facility (dressing rooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc), the associated team will be fined $200 plus pay for all repairs associated with the damage. This will be sent to your Association along with a write up from our Association.

  • Points in the round robin games will be awarded as follows:
    • 20 points for a win
    • 10 points for a tie
    • 7 points for a one goal loss
    • 6 points for a two goal loss
    • 5 points for a three goal loss
    • 4 points for a four goal loss
    • 3 points for a five goal loss
  • In the event of a tie, this formula will be used to determine playoff seeding:
    • Head to head game results
    • Goals for and against differential (max. number of five in a single game)
    • Penalties (advantages to fewest penalty minutes)
    • Coin toss conducted by CBMT committee member
  • If final games are tied after regulation time then:
    • Sudden death four on four for five minutes with goalies
    • If still tied, then a shoot out with three players from each team in alternating fashion.  Players must be provided prior to shoot out.
    • If still tied, the teams will alternate one player until a winner is determined.  No player may shoot twice until all players on the roster have had an opportunity.

Thank-you for attending the Chase Brewster Memorial Tournament. 

We look forward to an exciting weekend of hockey!


  • A Fun Shoot Out will occur at the end of every regular play game (not part of the regular play for points)
  • Six players are chosen from each team by their coaching staff and line up on the blue line.
  • Two minutes are put on the clock. The first player takes a shot.  If they score on their shot, they skate back to the blue line and the next player in line takes a shot.  If they don’t score, they must skate down and bring the puck back to the blue line.  Once the puck is at the blue line, the next player in line goes.  This continues until two minutes are completed.
  • A referee at each end will indicate goal or no goal. The scorekeeper will watch the referees and put the goals on the scoreboard.
  • The winning team gets a small prize after each round robin game.