Chase Brewster Announcements
  1. 2019 Sunday Photo Wrap-Up
  2. Chase Brewster Memorial Scholarship
  3. The 9th Annual Chase Brewster Memorial Peewee Hockey Tournament
  4. Chase Brewster Memorial Tournament Rules
  5. “Goalie” English for “Being on an Island Alone”
January 30, 2019
Chase Brewster Memorial Scholarship
Chase Brewster was a client of ATC Goaltending for 3 years and in those 3 years he quickly became a staff and camp favourite. Chase had an infectious smile and a work ethic second to none…. he truly enjoyed being a goalie! ATC Goaltending would like to remember Chase by presenting an annual 1-week summer...
October 25, 2018
“Goalie” English for “Being on an Island Alone”

It doesn’t take long to spot the parents of a goalie; they tend to sit alone.  often seen in the opposite corner against the glass. Generally, often fidgety, seemingly on edge for no reason; then you see their pale anxiety ridden face come to life when the goalie on the opposite end of the rink…